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12 February 2014

No Orcas At Sochi Olympics

wild orcas off RussiaWDC researcher, Erich Hoyt has reported today that "No orcas will be exhibited at the Olympics in Sochi", and that "no dolphin will carry the torch, as earlier proposed by the region."

The Sochi Dolphinarium was involved in the capture of 7 orcas from the sea off Russia in 2013. There had been plans to send at least some of these magnificent marine mammals to Sochi in early December but it was postponed. However, because of their involvement in the captures, it seems likely that orcas will be delivered to them at some point.

Erich continued, "For now, at least 2 orcas  are staying in small pens in Moscow while others have gone to China. No orcas are performing yet in Russia or China and we suppose they are now being trained for the circus shows."

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