Brownies support whales and dolphins

14 January 2014

School Cancels SeaWorld Trip

Seeing the film ‘Blackfish’ has inspired one school in the USA to cancel their annual trip to SeaWorld.

Point Dume Marine Science Elementary School took the decision to look for an alternative field trip for 2014 after a survey showed that a significant number of students didn’t want to visit the attraction in Orlando; the school had previously visited SeaWorld every year for the last ten years, with trips selling out a year in advance.

captive orcaParents and children alike have voiced their concerns about the ethical problems created by visiting and supporting a company which holds marine mammals in captivity. It is thought that one of the fifth-grade students may even have been the first to propose cancelling the trip to her classmates.

Although SeaWorld says this is the first school to cancel a booking, several high-profile musical acts have also pulled out of performing at SeaWorld parks in recent months.

Typically, SeaWorld sees over 15,000 children a year take part in its overnight education programmes: perhaps, in the future, more schools will follow Point Dume’s example and look for different, more ethical, attractions to support.

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