Brownies support whales and dolphins

23 December 2013

Dolphin Lessons 5000 Miles Away

A few days ago we gave our first whale and dolphin talk to a class of school children living on another continent!

WDC presentingWe've been experimenting with Skype as a way of connecting with children across the world, many of whom live nowhere near the sea and might never be lucky enough to see a whales or dolphin in the wild.

Our first session was with a group of children at a school in Texas, USA. After a little bit of trouble with a slightly blurred picture and dodgy sound everything fell into place and we spent almost an hour talking to the children and answering a list of questions that they had prepared especially for us.

They were a brilliant group of kids who had obviously worked hard researching the subject before we Skyped, and they very much deserved the Dolphin Diplomas we sent them at the end of the day!

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