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09 December 2013

Great News For Right Whales!

right whaleWDC is celebrating the news that the 'critically endangered' North Atlantic right whales will continue to be protected from being killed by ship strikes in the North Atlantic Ocean.

In the USA, the Federal Ship Strike Rule (which was passed in 2008) was due to end on 9th December 2013, but we have received the fantastic news that it will be extended until populations of the North Atlantic right whale are large enough that they are no longer endangered. The law means that large ships have to slow down in known habitats of the right whale, which reduces the risk of hitting (and probably killing) a whale, and research has shown that the law has led to up to 90% fewer right whales being killed by ships.

WDC would like to thank everyone who helped in the campaign to make sure this incredibly important law was extended, especially because over half of the 145,000 comments sent to the National Marine Fisheries Service in America were from WDC supporters. We are really delighted with this and hope that the right whale will be able to thrive in the North Atlantic from now on!

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