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19 November 2013

SeaWorld Fighting To Get Trainers Back In The Water

SeaWorld is taking an appeal to court to try to overturn the ban on their trainers getting in the water with the orcas (killer whales).

Since the death of one of its trainers in 2010 (the story behind the film Blackfish*), trainers have been forbidden to enter the water with the orcas, with shows being directed from the poolside instead. Should SeaWorld be successful in their appeal, this would be a major step backwards in the campaign against keeping whales and dolphins in captivity, and it could put the trainers at risk again, as the whales can sometimes be unpredictable and aggressive – probably due to their being kept in small pools in captivity for years on end.

By contrast, there were record numbers of sightings of whales and dolphins (including minke whales, harbour porpoises and dolphins) in the North Sea this year, and there are many other amazing place around the world to go whale and dolphin watching – why not choose to see these animals in the wild where they belong, rather than in a tank being made to perform tricks?

*Blackfish has recently been shown on America’s CNN TV channel and will be shown in the UK on BBC4 at 9pm on Thursday (21st). Please ask your parents to watch this important film!

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