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12 November 2013

Georgia Aquarium Appeals Ban On Importing Belugas

BelugaRecently, Georgia Aquarium in the USA was denied permission to import 18 wild-caught belugas from Russia. This is the first time a US aquarium has ever been stopped from taking in new whales!

The National Marine Fisheries Service in America decided that removal of so many whales from the wild could be very harmful to the native populations back in Russia. Some of the belugas were also very young (5 were less than 1.5 years old) and so they shouldn’t  have been separated from their mothers. However, Georgia Aquarium has now said it wants to appeal the decision, which will probably cost millions of dollars in legal fees.

WDC asked its members to send an email petition to Georgia Aquarium outlining why they shouldn’t appeal but the Aquarium decided to block most of these emails, preventing whale and dolphin supporters from having their say!

To make sure that their voices are heard, WDC will now be handing a printed petition to the Aquarium with all the names and messages of the people who oppose bringing the belugas to Georgia.

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