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23 October 2013

Russian Orca Trapping

captivity is no life for an orcaThree orcas, or killer whales, were captured in the Sea of Okhotsk (east of Russia) by a Russian team in October.

The two females and a male who were captured (along with another female named Narnia who was captured last year) are probably going to end up displayed in amusement parks, possibly in China and Russia.

Whilst being held in captivity, the three new whales refused to eat, and Narnia was reported to have brought fish to them and persuaded them to eat something.

We think that it isnít right to keep these highly intelligent, large and beautiful mammals in captivity, and that the capture process and the long years of confinement in small pools can cause great stress and health problems.

We will let you know when we hear more about what happens to these four orcas, and whether they are destined for captivity or release.

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