Brownies support whales and dolphins

07 October 2013

Love Of Whales Keeps Friends Together

Harriet and Jasmine Harriet Pennington and Jasmine Cook have been the best of friends sincethey were in reception together at school. In fact, they were inseparable until sadly last year, Jasmine had to move to Australia.

But, what has kept their friendship strong over the last year is their love of whales and dolphins and their dream came true when Jasmine came over in June and they were able to take part in WDC's Walk for Whales together.

Harriet and JasmineNot only that, but the girls also held a Sale for Whales, even making whale and dolphin biscuits to sell. Between the two events Harriet and Jasmine raised an amazing 170 for WDC - what an incredible effort!

Thank you both on behalf of all the whales and dolphins you are helping!

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