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16 July 2013

Springer The Orphaned Orca Spotted With A Calf

orca podA young orphaned orca who was returned to her family pod after becoming lost over ten years ago has given birth to her first baby.

Springer was just 2 years old when she was found lost and alone off the coast of Seattle, Washington in 2002. Her mother had died and the little orca was very unwell, underweight and far from home.

A major challenge was to find out where she had come from. By listening to Springerís calls experts from Orcalab (who research WDC's adoption orcas) were able, amazingly, to work out that her pod was a group of orcas who spend their summers off the British Columbia coast in Canada.

Springer was taken back to Canadian waters and released back to her pod where she fitted in happily and was well looked after by her orca family.

Now, aged 13, she has been spotted with her first calf. We are very excited at this news and wish Springer and her pod every success with their new family member!

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