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01 July 2013

Australia And Japan In Court Over Whaling

whaler and harpoonIn 1986, commercial whaling (killing whales for profit) was banned. But, despite the ban, some whaling has continued.

Since then, each year, Japanese whalers have killed hundreds of whales, claiming that what they are doing is for scientific reasons.


Many countries and their people disagree with the hunts, and now Australia has taken Japan to the International Court of Justice. It is particularly concerned because the whaling ships head for the Southern Ocean (between Australia and Antarctica) to target the whales.

Australia is hoping to show that Japan’s ‘scientific whaling’ is no more than an excuse to keep the supply of whale meat going and it is, in fact, illegal. Meat from the slaughtered whales is sold openly in Japanese supermarkets and even given to children in their school dinners.

We will keep you up-to-date with any outcome, and keep our fingers crossed that Japan will be obliged to stop their cruel and unnecessary hunts very soon.

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