Brownies support whales and dolphins

16 April 2013

Amazing Pink Dolphins

(c) Maria Claudia DiazgranadosDr Fernando Trujillo lives in Colombia, South America.  He is a river dolphin expert, and a very good photographer as you can see from these amazing photos! 

During school holidays, his daughter Sofy loves spending time with her dad and the river dolphins. Here, they are taking close-up dolphin photographs for photo-identification  (an important method researchers use to study wild dolphins).

Fernando runs an organisation called ‘Fundacion Omacha’, which means ‘Dolphin Foundation’, and WDC has been supporting their work for almost 20 years.   Fundacion Omacha has many conservation projects and initiatives all over Colombia. 

Fernando is leading efforts throughout South America to discover the health of river dolphin populations and the threats they face.  The most serious threat of all is deliberate killing of river dolphins for fish bait. This cruel and wasteful practice is threatening the future of river dolphins.

Pink river dolphin (c) F TrujilloThe two dolphin species found in the Amazon and Orinoco rivers where Fernando works are botos (also known as pink river dolphins) and tucuxi (also  known as Sotalia).

Tucuxi (c) Fernando Trujillo

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