Brownies support whales and dolphins

18 December 2012

36,000 Of You Can't Be Wrong!

WDC hands over postcardsWDC has handed over a massive 36,736 signatures from members of the public to the Scottish government, asking them to properly protect whales and dolphins.

They are putting steps in place to safeguard the amazing marine life around Scotlandís coast by creating a network of Ďmarine protected areasí.  These are parts of the ocean where human activities that might harm wildlife are restricted, a little like Ďnature reservesí on land.

It should be great news but whales and dolphins might be left out of the plans, and so wonít be properly protected. This huge show of support from people like you will hopefully encourage the government to include them.

Thank you so much if you signed a postcard or petition to help with this campaign. Keep an eye on these pages for more news.

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