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10 October 2012

WDC Sets 30,000 Paper Dolphins Free At EU Parliament

WDC Sets 30,000 Paper Dolphins Free in Brussels!

30,000 is the amazing number of origami whales and dolphins that you, and thousands like you, made over tha past few months for our anti-captivity campaign. And they made a huge huge impression at the European Parliament in Brussels when we presented on the 9th October.

freeing the origami dolphins

There are nearly 300 dolphins held captive in Europe, and we would like them to be free. With the origami, we were able to show Members of the European Parliament, their staff, and other conservation groups just how many people think that whales and dolphins belong in the sea, not in small concrete tanks.

By talking to politicians, showing them why whales and dolphins should not be in captivity, and letting them see how much support we have, we stand a better chance of working with them to make changes that better protect dolphins in captivity and eventually phase out dolphin aquariums in the EU.

Keep an eye on Kidzone to see where the origami might be travelling next in their quest to free Europe's dolphins!

And remember, there are many fantastic opportunities to see whales and dolphins in the wild, so please avoid the tanks!

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