Brownies support whales and dolphins

18 July 2012

Feeding Giants!

Some of you may have seen the BBC's amazing Ocean Giants series recently which took us on a journey into the world of whales and dolphins, and including incredible footage of feeding humpback whales.

Well, this summer, WDCS took to the air on a whale survey off Massachusetts, USA and managed to get these beautiful shots of a group of humpback whales bursting through a bubble net to catch their fish dinner!

When a group of humpbacks finds a school of fish, they swim beneath it in ever shrinking circles, blowing air bubbles as they go. The bubbles rise to the surface, creating a 'net' which traps the fish. Then, just at the right moment, the whales swim up through the net, mouths wide open, and swallow the fish in great clusters. The whales all have different roles: some are bubble-blowers, others dive deep to ensure the fish are driven upwards, and some even make calls to help herd the prey.

It's brilliant teamwork, passed on from generation to generation!

feeding humpbacks

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