Brownies support whales and dolphins

25 June 2012

Hawaii Swimming Challenge For WDCS

Adam Walker trainingYou may remember last year's story about Adam Walker and Chris Sheppard swimming from Europe to Africa to raise funds for our anti-whaling campaign.

Well now, Adam has just completed an amazing 26-mile swimming challenge across the Molokai channel in Hawaii in support of WDCS.

Adam had to deal with jellyfish stings, potential shark attacks and dangerous tides during a very tough swim that took him 17 hours to finish. It's part of his Oceans 7 challenge, which involves swimming seven hardest oceans in the world.

The other swims are:
English Channel (England France)
Gibraltar Straits (Europe and Africa)
Catalina Channel (Between Santa Catalina and California)
Cook Strait (North and South Islands of New Zeal land)
Tsugara Channel (islands of Honshu and Hokkaido in Japan)
North Channel (Ireland to Scotland)

Huge congratulations Adam. WDCS is amazed and inspired by your efforts!

If you want to do something amazing for whales and dolphins, why not take part in Save the Whale Week.

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