Brownies support whales and dolphins

Whales and Dolphins for kids

WDC is dedicated to saving whales and dolphins, using the vital funds we are given to fight the many threats they face and create a world where every whale and dolphin is safe and free. Our work is only possible with your support. Thank you.

747 for beluga sanctuary

Plane unveiled to carry beluga whales

A specially decorated 747 will take captive beluga whales to their new home in Iceland.

New Zealand dolphin

Help save the New Zealand dolphin

Colour in our sheet to send to the Prime Minister and ask her to save this endangered species.

Adopt a dolphin blog

Adopt a dolphin blog

Keep up to date with what Sundance, Rainbow, Moonlight and co. are up to by following the adopt a dolphin blog.

Breaching dolphin


Test your knowledge about whales and dolphins and learn more about these incredible creatures.

Image of blue whale

Facts about whales

Find out about the amazing world of whales, from who makes the most noise to who swims the furthest!

Facts about dolphins

Facts about dolphins

Everyone loves dolphins but what makes them so special? Incredible facts about these creatures.

Beluga whale in the wild

A sanctuary for beluga whales

WDC and Merlin Entertainments are working to create the world's first wild beluga whale sea sanctuary.

Quiz about whales and dolphins

Fun Quiz Sheet

How much do you know about whales and dolphins? Print off this fun quiz sheet and have a go!

The problem with plastic

Help stop plastic pollution killing whales and dolphins in the oceans.