Brownies support whales and dolphins

Dolphins in danger

Stop Supporting Captivity Mr Branson

You can do better Mr Branson.

Save Energy!

Recycling saves energy by re-using materials (like glass or plastic) rather than making new ones from scratch. Have a go!

Wild Is Best! Help Captive Dolphins

Make an origami dolphin in support of ending captivity in Europe.

Drive Hunts - What You Can Do

Help WDC as we work towards bringing an end to Japanese Taiji dolphin hunts.

Is Your School Lunch 'whale-friendly'?

Is the company that supplies your school lunch linked with whaling?

Anti-captivity Rap

Speak out against captive dolphins

Anti-captivity Video

Video film about whales and dolphin in captivity.

Ask A Question

Got a question about whales or dolphins that's been bugging you? Find your answer or send it to us!