Brownies support whales and dolphins

WDC Campaigns

Safe Homes For Whales And Dolphins

So that we can properly protect whales and dolphins, we need to be able to look after the places that they call home too.

Stop Supporting Captivity Mr Branson

You can do better Mr Branson.

Save The New Zealand Dolphin

New Zealand dolphins are endangered and heading for extinction…but we can still save them. Find out how you can help before it’s too late.

Japanese Drive Hunts

This cruel practice involves herding wild dolphins into a cove in Taiji to be killed or taken into captivity.

Sad News For Morgan The Young Orca

In June 2010, a young female orca was found alone off the coast of the Netherlands. She was taken to a dolphinarium for care and attention. Rather than being returned to the wild she was then sent to another dolphinarium and she will probably never be fre

Visiting Iceland? Do Not Eat The Locals

Going on holiday to Iceland? How to ensure you don't support the whaling industry.

Is Your School Lunch 'whale-friendly'?

Is the company that supplies your school lunch linked with whaling?

Make Europe Dophinarium Free!

The natural life of a happy dolphin is one of freedom in the open sea, not cooped up in a tiny pool. Help WDCS change the future of captive dolphins in Europe. Send a campaign letter and/or join the SPLASSSHHH sponsored silence.