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The Moray Firth Dolphins face a new oil threat. Have we learned nothing from the BP oil slick disaster?

Shockingly, the UK Government allowed two companies to begin seismic surveys for oil and gas in the Moray Firth in the autumn of 2011. Some of these companies operated on the boundary of the Special Area of Conservation – a sanctuary, created by the government to protect the bottlenose dolphins.

We are now waiting for the results of the surveys and the associated research to examine any impacts on the dolphins and porpoises in the Moray Firth. These results will inform us if any animals were disturbed or displaced and the seismic data will determine whether the two oil companies wish to proceed with drilling to extract their bounty. Stay tuned for further updates.

Miranda Krestovnikoff, BBC Presenter, Coast “We need as many people as possible to support WDCS and their campaign to protect these amazing animals for good!”

Miranda Krestovnikoff, WDCS Patron and BBC Presenter, Coast and The One Show

Watch Miranda being interviewed about the POD campaign on STV (Sept 2010).

Dolphins and oil rigWDCS Condemns Government Decision To Allow Seismic Surveys In Moray Firth Protected Area
WDCS condemns a likely agreement by the UK government to allow two companies to begin seismic surveys in preparation for future oil and gas development in the Moray Firth.

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Take actionThere are lots of ways you can help our campaign, from adopting a dolphin to supporting Miranda in her sky dive.

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Our campaignThe dolphins face a broad range of threats: activities such as oil and gas exploration and production, marina development, pollution and more are increasingly putting pressure on the dolphins and their environment.

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Why supportThere is a lot of work to be done to give these amazing animals the protection they need and deserve but unfortunately it costs money. Your support is vital, please help with a gift of whatever you can spare – together we can protect our dolphins.