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February 12, 2016   •  

"Scotland is one of the best land-based dolphin watching hot spots in the world" 
- Simon King OBE, BBC presenter and wildlife film maker.

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WDC – we do a lot, so here is the quick guide:

The Scottish Dolphin Centre is run by WDC, Whale and Dolphin Conservation. Established back in 1987, WDC is the leading global charity dedicated to the conservation and welfare of all whales and dolphins (also known as cetaceans).

In short, we are the world voice for the protection of these animals, creating pressure to bring about change.

What does that mean? Simple, we defend these remarkable creatures against the many threats that they face;

  • Hunting
  • Captivity
  • Chemical and noise pollution
  • Ship collisions (ship strikes)
  • Entanglement in fishing nets (bycatch)
  • Climate change

We do this by taking money raised and pumping it back into campaigns and projects across the globe that really do have an impact…

WDC campaigns - campaigning locally and international to stop these threats, creating pressure to bring about change.

WDC funds - projects that support urgent conservation work around the world (32 this year alone).

WDC supports - some governments and decision-makers want to protect whales and dolphins and their habitats. We work tirelessly to help them by providing sound advice, expert opinion, together with strong legal, scientific and ethical arguments.

WDC fights - some governments and businesses have no interest in protecting whales and dolphins and fail to deliver on their promises. We work tirelessly to expose them by initiating vital investigations that reveal any abuses of regulations.

WDC advises - we highlight important issues and threats by engaging with international conventions, national governments, local communities and other conservation organizations.

WDC educates - we help educate and inform through the media, events, exhibitions, schools initiatives, visitor centres, websites and more.

By spreading the word we improve our overall understanding of whales and dolphins and the need to protect these incredible animals Where we do it WDC has over 70 staff and a large number of volunteers who are located in offices in the US, UK, Germany, Australia, Austria, and Argentina.

Why we do it. Simple, cruelty is unacceptable and extinction is forever

What we really do. We really do make a difference to the daily lives and long term future of thousands of whales and dolphins, helping to ensure that these amazing creatures are there for future generations Whales and dolphins are important, and so is your support.

WDC Annual Review 2011/12 - Celebrating what you have helped us achieve in the past year.

WDC audited accounts and financial review for 2011 (2012)